Reveal the Causes Behind Your Panic Attack

Ever wonder why you are suffering from panic attacks? Even though extensive research has been done, researchers are still not entirely sure the reason why this phenomenon happens. Panic attacks are believed to be set off by a certain mental or emotional triggers, which result in a person to then have an irrational “alarmed” reaction to whatever the trigger may be. If you suffer from panic attacks, take into account the following factors and see how they may give rise to the problem:

Phobias: This is perhaps the most well-known reason for why people have a panic attack. Those who suffer from arachnophobia (fear of spiders), for example , may see the spider across the room and then spiral into a full blown panic attack. If you are aware of any phobias that you may have, the good news is that your phobia is very treatable and you will discover results quickly with appropriate treatment.

Life Experiences: Another common cause to panic attacks is negative or even traumatic life experiences. The loss of life of a loved one is a very common result in for a panic attack. If you have recently split up from a significant other, or have perhaps relocated, these may also contribute to your stress and anxiety.

Heredity Factors: Believe it or not, but there is a very strong likelihood that if someone inside your family suffers from panic attacks, so will you. A recent study was conducted by which 31% to 88% of twin babies both experienced the same anxiety disorder. So if you have suffered a panic attack, it might be worth asking your mom, father, siblings and others to see if they as well have had or currently do have this disorder.

Medical Conditions: Did you know that panic attacks can also be a by-product of other medical conditions? Some of these conditions include Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), and Hyperthyroidism. It is necessary that, when you do suffer an anxiety attack, you have a thorough physical to ensure that the particular panic attack is not a result of a more severe ailment. If it is, often when the more serious problem is treated the panic attacks will also subside.

Drugs: If you are taking any prescription (or non-prescription medications, which includes alcohol) it is important that you take note of what exactly they are and mention this to your doctor. Some common medications that induce panic attacks are: cannabis, Catovit, Mazindol, Ritalin and alcohol. Flouroquinolone remedies, SSRI medications and benzodiazepines are also linked to panic attacks. If you drink coffee or nicotine, these can also more than stimulate a person and thus cause an anxiety attack. As if that list is not long enough, withdrawing from any of the abovementioned medications can also cause one to have a panic attack.

Pre-Existing Disorders: Respiratory and cardio disorders are most often what may cause the panic attack, or may cause a person to think that they are having a panic attack when they are in fact suffering a far more serious ailment. Again, it is imperative that you go to the physician and have a thorough physical exam in order to rule out any more serious complications.

Other things you should take into account when you are suffering panic anxiety attack is where you are when the attack is happening, what is happening when the attack is occurring, and also what time of day it is occurring.
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Additionally it is important that you put an end to any fearful “what if” thoughts or other irrational beliefs. A counselor will be able to successfully teach you how to stop such adverse “self talk”.

If you are suffering from a panic attack, feel assured that you are not by yourself. They are an extremely treatable disorder, though the sooner it is treated, the sooner you will be able to recover fully from this debilitating problem. Take advantage of the resources at hand and return to living life confidently once again.